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Strada Dolomites, 63/2
Sèn Jan di Fassa, Trentino Alto Adige, 38036

349 649 1192

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The Festival

From the 9th to the 11th of August 2019, the local group of jugglers Circensema brings to you the brand new Circen Dolomites Festival: street performances, events and circus workshops will fill the streets and the most suggestive corners of the towns of Vigo and Pozza, painting with laughter the majestic mountains of the Fassa Valley.

Jugglers and acrobats renowned on a national and international level will perform for you surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage.

Streets art and breathtaking landscapes will weave together in an explosive alchemy of sensations, with the power to thrill adults and children:

  • colourful athletic manoeuvres, drawn in the most beautiful natural sceneries: a feast for the eyes

  • breathtaking acrobatics will merge with scents and flavours of the Ladin tradition: a delight for the palate

  • the crisp mountain air and the first sunrays will caress the faces of an enraptured audience, soaked in the purity of the landscapes of the Fassa Valley: a joy for the touch

  • the silence of the mountain peaks and the notes and voices of the artists will follow a thrilling rhythm: a sweet melody for your ears.

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An innovative festival, built on three main themes which embrace art and mountain, to emphasise and bring new inspiration to circus arts:

Wonder (Marevea): circus is wonder, it has the power to entrance you and make you feel like a kid once again

Height (Aut): the Dolomites' peaks reflect the vertical evolutions of circus arts

Environment (Ambient): the majesty of the natural heritage becomes evocative stage and research area

Circensema is all wound up about the Circen Dolomites Festival, what about you? For all you curious, sceptics, critics and loyalists, here is the promotional video.

Three are the themes of the Festival: marevea - wonder, aut - height and ambient - environment. Three are also the breathtaking sceneries of the Dolomites that have been the stage of our young jugglers’ performance: Gardeccia, Ciampedie and Val San Nicolò. These and more will be the slices of heaven where the Festival will take place.

Special thanks to Inout, which always supports us, to La Sportiva, our technical sponsor, to Play Juggling, our juggling sponsor, to Catinaccio Rosengarten Dolomites Lift, which allowed us to save ourselves some effort during the shooting, and last but not least, to Samuele Brigadoi for the wonderful footage and editing.

Green Event

The Circensema group focuses on environmental issues and Circen Dolomites Festival has been awarded with the “Trentino Eco-Events” certification. The organisers of the “Eco-Events” are committed to respecting the following criteria:

  • separating waste

  • serving tap water in order to avoid emissions deriving from transport and waste production

  • serving food in order to avoid waste

  • promoting the chance to bring home not consumed food

  • promoting local, short chain and vegetarian cuisine

  • accommodating guests near the event

  • promoting the use of public transport

  • nominating a sustainability manager

  • informing guests about the importance of implementing environmental good practice

  • following an environmental sustainability training

10 years - Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage


The Circen Dolomites Festival is one of the events that the UNESCO Foundation promotes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dolomite's UNESCO World Heritage status.

For further information and to check out all the initiatives dedicated to the anniversary please visit the site

Ladin culture, tradition and language at the Circen Dolomites Festival

Once one of the main languages in the Alps, Ladin is nowadays a minority language, spoken by about 30.000 people. The Ladin-speaking region, in addition to Fassa Valley, includes the valleys of Badia and Gardena in Alto Adige, of Livinallongo and Ampezzo in the Belluno province, but also part of Friuli and part of the swiss Canton of Grisons. In each of these places, Ladin is characterized by local features.

The Circen Dolomites Festival wants to enhance the territory where the Ladin minority lives its culture and traditions, and aims to convey some of its distinguishing features to the public.

Through scheduled events, fliers and social medias, the Circensema teens, all from Fassa Valley, will share with you words, exclamations and curiosities from their everyday life.

In particular, some of the scheduled events will open a window onto Ladin culture and will give you the chance to fully appreciate some of its characteristic traits.

The “Enrosadira” show by OrcoRubio, Nantine and Pool, to be held on the dawn of Saturday the 10th of August near the Rifugio Roda di Vael (2283 m) will be based on the famous legend of King Laurino and Enrosadira.

On the same day, at the Circus dinner in the wonderful hamlet of Tamion (Vigo di Fassa), organised in collaboration with local companies, you will find traditional foods served through the manoeuvres and sketches of Rome's company Camerieri Pazzi.

Last but not least, on Sunday afternoon at Gardeccia the Circensema teens will weave together elements of minority cultures and some of the main environmental concerns in the festival closing show.