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Strada Dolomites, 63/2
Sèn Jan di Fassa, Trentino Alto Adige, 38036

349 649 1192

Performance description

Festival preview at Festa ta Mont, L’ultima cena - 3chefs


They have been part of the Cirque du Soleil's show Allavita!, which has been on stage for 80 nights for the 11.000 people audience of the Expo-Milano Open Theatre in 2015. Now the three comedians, Alessandro Vallin, Stefano Locati e Claudio Cremonesi, have decided to pursue their collaboration through a project that brings together their twenty years of experience.


L’ultima cena (The last supper)

Sunday the 4th of August, in the beautiful setting of the Val San Nicolò, above Pozza di Fassa, you can get a sneak preview of the Circen Dolomites Festival, during the renowned Festa ta Mont (

The astounding circus performance, brought to you by 3chefs theatre company, is called Last Supper: it will make your mouth water and leave you with an insatiable craving for more, in view of the official opening of the Festival, Friday the 9th of August.

During the afternoon, in the playing area ran by the association INOUT, the three comedians Alessandro Vallin, Stefano Locati and Claudio Cremonesi will challenge themselves between frying pans and stoves, in a juggling battle in search of the perfect taste.

The “3 Chefs” will build their kitchen of the absurd, where senses will be tickled by tasty virtuosities and manoeuvres in a “dinner without dinner” which will not leave the spirit starving: what better food than comedy to nourish body and soul?

Juggling with ladles, acrobatic trays, live music with pots and spoons in active contact with the audience. A blur of comic numbers about culinary arts which will leave you... licking your lips!

Olé - i4elementi


Together they have founded the CircoinValigia Circus School and the i4elementi Street Theatre Company.

They have performed in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia, Latvia, Denmark and Turkey. The i4elementi Street Theatre Company was born out of an idea by four people of Vicenza. Since then it offers shows in theatres, festivals, squares and all kinds of celebration throughout Europe.



Show fit for all kinds of audiences! Why Olè?! It is an exclamation of wonder used by both young and old... A show entirely carried on velocipede. Few words, a lot of music, juggling ability and a Clown's acrobatics.

All of it to involve the whole audience in a big... OLÈ!

Qualcosa tra di noi - Zenzero e Cannella

Zenzero e Cannella

Magdalena Vicente and Nicolò Bussi met at the Circa Festival in Auch, in the South of France.

The first thing they said to each other was: “do you go up with or without tempo?”

In spite of distance, different cities and pressure of the corresponding schools, the two artists managed to find the time to meet in the weekends and train everywhere possible, from schools and libraries to parks and gardens, always without their schools being aware of it.

First they started trying their numbers in small, hidden places: once launched, they headed towards bigger stages and scenes, joining many different shows.

Today they work in several productions in France and Italy, receiving bookings even from the other side of the world, fascinating the audience with their creativity and sympathy, through somersaults, midair handstands and great laughter.

Zenzero e Cannella takes inspiration from an unusual circus, made of tradition and creative renewal: contemporary circus seen through their eyes.


Qualcosa tra di noi (Something between us)

A couple with weird habits, an uncomfortable relationship, a communication not always clear!

Two individuals with their desires and passions, who weave together becoming one unique entity.

Circus, circus and more circus, circus in its full form, through handstands and somersaults, extreme juggling moments and acrobatics: this is the poetry of Zenzero e Cannella.

P.S.: not fit for the weak of heart, but recommended to those who follow the heart as a guide.

Dolce e Salato - Carpa Diem

Carpa Diem

It is the importance of living the present, under the colours of a circus tent (carpa in Spanish), through a language which overcomes all language barriers, seizing every moment, enjoying each surprise, living every emotion which this adventure brings to us.

Carpa Diem!


Dolce e Salato (Sweet and Salty)

A couple of bakers, a cookbook and kitchen disagreements, a chasing rhythm will lead you in a place both familiar and unusual at the same time, where carefully selected ingredients will be eccentrically kneaded to create a delightful dish.

Two clumsy bakers will overwhelm you with acrobatic grenades. Passion, juggling, sweat and lots of love are the ingredients for a show fit for everyone. Bon appétit!

Antiquarium - Compagnia La plurale

La plurale

La Plurale was born from an idea by three students of the Bolla di sapone Circus School: Paolo, Paolo and Tiziano. After years of training in the school, the trio debuts in 2018 with their first show Antiquarium.


Welcome! Welcome!

The store is open. Make haste gentlemen, come inside, come! You too, young lady, do not fall behind.

And remember to keep in line!

Gentlemen, you might be asking yourself: what is a store doing here? Well, this is no average store: this is an Antiquarium! The place where fantasy and creativity weave together with music and circus.

Enrosadira - OrcoRubio, Nantine e Pool

OrcoRubio, Nantine and Pol

Giulio, aka OrcoRubio starts doing circus seven years ago as an autodidact, specialising in juggling and contact juggling, in particular. Since three years he collaborates with Trento's Circus School, pursuing his artistic journey.

Nantine has been doing clown therapy since six years: she has taken part to several volunteer projects in children's hospitals and other realities both in Italy and abroad. In the last few years she became more and more interested in circus, and by the name of Koivu she specialised as an aerialist and an acrobat. 

Pol starts attending Bolla di Sapone Circus School ten years ago: there, he specialises as a juggler, taking the stage name of Pol. Thanks to his development in various disciplines and his participation to artistic workshops, he became cofounder of a circus and theatre company.



The show, created by the artists OrcoRubio, Nantine and Pool after a confrontation with the jugglers of Circensema, is an adaptation of the famous Ladin legend of King Laurino and Enrosadira. Thanks to scenic circus techniques such as contact balls and burning juggling clubs, the audience will ease into the dwarves' rose garden. In the wonderful scenery of Roda di Vael and Mugoni, the story of Laurino, Similda and the evil Vitege will be told from a whole new perspective.

Roulotte - Scuola di circo Bolla di Sapone

Scuola di Circo Bolla di Sapone

Many people wonder why Tommaso, founder of the Bolla di Sapone (soap bubble) Circus School, chose this name for a school where there's no trace of water or soap.

The school's name, just like the school itself, was born in Trento in 2008, out of one of those tingling feelings that last a while... and then leave you alone. The sensation that something more has to be done, something new, something big and crazy.

Against all odds, that feeling keeps going on today. Bolla di Sapone is a circus school which now counts more than 150 pupils, between the age of 5 and over 18, a school which offers leisure, sports and educational activities for kids and youngsters.

The goal is to show and propose a new kind of circus to all those who dare to try, that have the will and pleasure to feel curious.


BarAcca (Shack café)

BarAcca will accompany the Circen Dolomites Festival at every performance, circus cocktail and event, all within a roulotte. Shaky end exciting, BarAcca is back in town, ready to bring the best that the Circus School of Trento “Bolla di Sapone” has to offer. Absurd juggling, aerial acrobatics and unstable equilibriums will amaze everybody while cocktails and beverages will lighten up the atmosphere. Get ready, BarAcca is coming!

Bubble Street Circus - Juriy Longhi

Juriy Longhi

Juriy Longhi started doing circus and street art in 2000, driven by a strong passion. In 2005, after a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, he decided to become a professional, specialising in juggling and acrobatics.

His formation has been characterised by intense and constant training, and also by several professional classes and workshops held by important formation centres or during conventions and meetings in different parts of Europe. In 2009, in order to complete his formative journey, he starts attending the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice in Torino, where he graduates in 2011.

In the meantime he also starts his activity as art director of street threatre events and as circus arts trainer in Italy and abroad, but without neglecting his main activity, which brings him to perform in streets, squares, theatres and stages worldwide.

In 2013 he founds the Scatola Rossa Company, which the same year wins the Cantieri di Strada contest, an important recognition for street theatre in Italy. In parallel, he keeps performing as a solo artist, winning several national and international awards, such as the Critics Award at the Strabilandia Festival (Italy) in 2011 and the second prize at the KleinKunstFestival Usedom (Germany) in 2015.

Today he's the curator and organiser of a street artists festival in Cuneo, he teaches juggling and acrobatics in the same province and, above all, he performs in Italy and abroad, attending festivals, events, theatre seasons and tv programmes.


Bubble street circus

The Bubble Street Circus is the result of a specialisation in juggling and acrobatics and of a continuous experimentation in the streets. An extremely energetic show, where the freshness and the vivacity of spontaneity blend together with a confidence mastered through years of experience.

The complicity with the audience and the research of technical virtuosity are the main ingredients of a sparkling and dynamic show, able to involve, amaze and amuse everyone.

I Trampolieri dell'Arcobaleno (Rainbow stilters) begin their activity in 2012. They organize courses of circus arts, and therefore where able to expand their association, in particular including people from all over the world. They have thus become a multicultural group. Trampolieri dell'Arcobaleno also organize theater and itinerant shows, to promote integration and active citizenship.


I Trampolieri dell’ Arcobaleno

CircEnsomech - Circensema

The show will see on stage the jugglers from Fassa, coordinated and guided by Michela Marangoni, professional actress and director. The aim is to lead the audience in a world suspended between fantasy and reality, where time stops and dreams come true. The majesty of the natural scenery will be reflected in vertical manoeuvres, acrobatics, in the middle of uncertainty and enchantment. Just like a mountain hike, the actors will have ascents to climb, moments to catch their breath and to enjoy the panorama. It will be an excursion through Ladin culture, mysterious beings and challenging juggling techniques. Circus and theatre finally blend together, in a fresh and crisp script.